Hi, Kelly here, I am the

founder of Enchanted Kin

I knew I needed to bring this to the world because;

  • I yearned for more connection with my family of origin as a child and even into adulthood

  • I wanted to deeply understand the natural rhythms of life so we could be more intune with myself and not told how I should be productive

  • I grew up feeling lost, with low self-esteem and a lack of knowing of myself

  • I saw other more connected families and how they often had long standing family traditions that were an anchor point to bring them all together regularly

  • I wanted to create a more deeply connected and meaningful life for my children and didn’t know how, or couldn’t find the resources

  • I realised that I saw deep value in these activities and felt drawn to share it with others who desired the same for their family

The more I shared our thoughts and feelings the more I realise I am not alone. People just like you are feeling the same and are trying to find the answers.

What others are saying

When I first started working with Kelly I didn’t really know what magic was.

What she has shown me has changed the game for me. It feels so much more accessible to me now. My typical non woowoo Aussie partner even ‘get it’ now.

It’s clear, it’s informative and it’s adding a special type of connection to our lives and my daughter is only 9 months old.


More to come...


  • Lover of all things 'woo woo'
  • Rebellious at heart
  • Passionate about viewing children as capable learners

I’m Kelly. I facilitate mother blessings, women's circles, I’m reiki attuned, tarot certified all round lover of everything spiritually woo woo. I’m also a bit of a rule breaker. If you know your astro, when your moon is in Aries that’s often the case. When you start working with all things spiritual often there are a lot of rules. Put your crystals out at the full moon but never a blood moon, only light candles with matches, never a lighter.

Well excuse me but I started my spiritual journey because I wanted to move further away from conventional society, not replace it’s restrictions with others.

When I became a mum I found it so hard to keep my practices and find space and time to sink into this work. I also didn’t want my kids to grow up as I did without being connected into this rich, spiritual world. I searched for ways to include them, to make it fun for them so we can learn together. I could not find what I was looking for so that’s why we have created it. It was for our family and now it’s time to share it with you.

I invite you in to show you how to tap into this spiritual magic minus the rules, let’s work from the heart and always with simplicity and ease.

Magic is fun, magic is connection, let’s embed this into our lives with our kids so this can be our legacy we pass onto them. Let’s enchant ourselves and our kin!

Why work with me?

I have had my pain points and followed my desire to connect more deeply with myself, my community and my children. When I lent into what fills my cup and helps me feel connected, it was being in strong relationships with myself, our family and friends.

What I realised was our turning point for creating more of this in my life, was spiritual practices. This could be as simple as bringing more conscious awareness to how I go about my regular mum day, and choosing to do it with joy and connection at the forefront. Or one of my favourites is, learning to get out of our head and into our bodies and heart, as it holds so much wisdom if you are willing to listen.

Then I thought, what if my children were taught this from an early age in a fun and engaging way?

What if these practices were automatic for them and they grew up knowing they can choose joy and see the light in everything?

This is how Enchanted Kin came to be, and I am so excited to share it with you and your family.

Magical Blessings,


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