Sorcerers, Rusty has gone missing!


Together you must verbally explore the realms of Enchanted Kin, finding spell ingredients. Mixing these correctly in your cauldron will aid in your search for your pet dragon. With the help of your sassy assistant, come along and enjoy the magic. 


In this fantastical tabletop game, players cooperatively play together with the help of your loyal, if cheeky, companion; Alexa! Embarking on a mystery filled, magical journey to find your beloved lost dragon Rusty alongside your family of spell-casters. Alexa will help players navigate the space by prompting all of you to use your voice to move around and pick up enchanted ingredient cards which can be used to cast spells, progressing through the story.  


Tactility has always been a key element of the game's design, focusing on using tangibility in the form of the intricately illustrated ingredient cards and physical cauldron. The blending of digital outputs and real-life objects aims to enhance creativity and promote imagination in both parent and child. 


Within the game, the goal is non-competitive; it requires collaboration between the family to continue your exploration and experience of the story. Conversation is facilitated between family members in this screen free experience, promoting valuable and healthy conversation and bonding. This game has been designed to help maintain family co-play, leading to stronger familial bonds and better-shared experience between multiple generations. 

A hybrid digital-tabletop game
for families

Team Enchanted Kin


Rubi-Blue Collins

Primarily an artist, I steered the creative direction though Enchanted Kin. Additionally I provided the visuals for the game.

Jamie Simpson

I am a music composer and sound designer based in the UK. I created the audio for Enchanted Kin, including the sound effects and music.

Sarah Partington

I’m a games designer, specialising in interaction design. I developed the VUI and lead the playtest's for Enchanted Kin.


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