Bring magic and connection into your family

Would you like to join me on my mission of connecting with my children through magic?

Finding time, space and having the know-how to bring connection and magic to the forefront of your daily family rhythm can be cast to the 'too hard basket'. But it doesn’t have to be.....

With my easy to follow and fun ritual and connection practices that you can do in small snippets of time with your kids.

I know, like us, you are desperately seeking easy ways to bring fun moments of connection into your busy family life as you fear your children getting lost in the craziness of our busy high tech consumerist world.

I know you are busy and worry that you don’t know enough about spirituality and wonder if you will ever get the luxury of tapping into these ancient practices yourself?

You know the value of having a strong secure attachment base for your children and know that learning about the universe and life rhythms will help your children to be more focused on connection rather than consumerism.

I am here to set your mind at ease that you Muma are amazing and the fact that you are always looking to expand yourself and the way you do life with your children is the first step.

I can guide you through the rest, and I promise it will be easy, fun, but most importantly nourishing for you and your children.

Yes you can fill your cup and your children’s too all at once.

Where would you like to start?




The rescource to help you find out what magic is and how it can help you make deeper connections with your self and your children

The place to go to read my musings and get heaps of free tips on how to bring a little magic to your life

Everything you need to realise the magical and connected family life of your dreams



These resources filled me with hope and excitement! The information was easy to read, connect to and apply!

I feel as though I am helping my child feel the magic of life and connect to me, whilst I am also filling my own cup and practising self-love.

An amazing resource for all families.


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Connect with magic quick start guide

Who am I?

Hi I am Kelly.

I have been on my own spiritual and connected parenting journey and found myself constantly sharing and reflecting on some modern day appropriations that are conflicting to the values I want to have at the forefront in my family.

I understood that the current status quo is a result of westernised culture, and it was up to me to take a stand and choose differently for my children.

These were the “aha” moments that pushed me to find a way to blend modern with ancient ways and introduce them to my children, and now with you…

  • I yearned for more connection with my family of origin as a child and even now into adulthood

  • I grew up feeling lost, with low self-esteem and a lack of knowing of myself

  • I wanted to deeply understand the natural rhythms of life so we could be more intune with myself

  • I saw other more connected families and how they often had long standing family traditions that was an anchor point to bring them all together regularly (such as family dinners, annual family holidays, specifics about how they celebrate Christmas)

  • I wanted to create a more deeply connected and meaningful life for my children and didn’t know how or couldn’t find the resources

  • I realised that I saw deep value in these activities and felt drawn to share it with others who desired the same in their family


Being part of a like minded community of mums, where you are led through the foundational knowledge and tools to living a life based in connection and magic with your kids. This is possible for everyone and we are here to guide your way.

How would you feel if you.....

  • Could shift your daily tasks that have to be done, to something that is based in connection with an element of magical fun.

  • Were a more calm and connected mother.

  • Your kids felt more connected to you, building their sense of safety and connection, therefore their sense of self.

  • Had a richer life due to embedding ceremony and ritual practices in your life with your self and children.

  • Had a more mindful and connected way to celebrate milestones and occasions (you are doing it anyway, you might as well make it more embedded in connection).

  • Your children have a strong sense of self, and are able to identify what is important to them and not be swayed by mainstream consumerism culture.

  • Being able to reflect back when your children are older, and be grateful they have embodied their own spiritual practices that bring meaning and connection to their lives, as well as amplify their emotional intelligence and capacity to be in relationship with others, including you.

Well this reality is yours for the taking, I can't wait to walk you through the journey.

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