Your free guide to what magic is and how to get started instantly

Would you like to join me in my mission of connecting with my children through magic?

Magic isn't only a mesmorising show of illusion preformed on a stage, witches gathering naked around a forrest fire or miracles only Jesus can perform...

Welcome to the new paradigm of magic and spirituality that is deeply connective for famlies, it's also fun, simple and easy even for the busiest mums.

The connect with magic

Quick start guide

The guide to help you get started in making magic with your kids now!

What you'll recieve in this guide


Find out what magic is and 3 signs you are craving it in your everyday life

This is for you even if you don't have magic as a part of your life yet, or even know where to start. You will see how easy this really is, and how you can have magical moments with your kids without making it hard


Intention and it's piviotal role in magic

Learn the 3 easy steps to infuse an intention, the fundemental of all magic even if you think you might not be 'spiritual enough'


3 magic rituals your kids will love

You may have your own practice, or you did before you had kids. Translating that practice into something the kids actually want to do has stopped you from bringing your gifts into their world. These 3 magic rituals will have your kids excited and you connecting on a deeper level.

Welcome, Kelly here.

Hi, I'm Kelly and I'm a busy mum like you who desires a more connected and spiritual way of living and being in relationship with my children.

I'm raising 2 boys and have dragged my typically Australian husband along for the ride.

I deeply desire my children to have the knowing that as humans we are all connected, and that community and deep connection to ourselves, each other and the universe is deeply important for our wellbeing.

Last chance to get the guide,

Connect with magic

You can feel there is a more nourishing and connected way to be with your children, you just don't know what it is...... yet.

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